Common Home Heating Repairs

It never fails. You need heating repair in the middle of the winter months when your family is cold. That is when the system goes off, leaving your cold and frustrated. The good news is that home furnace and heat pump repairs that occur in the middle of the winter are not hard to get fixed. Additionally, many of the most common problems can be treated right away without a lot of cost. To get your system back up and running the way it should, contact a professional to handle your problem immediately.

The Thermostat

One of the most frequent reasons to call for heating repair does not have to do with the furnace itself. Rather, it is the thermostat that is causing the underlying problem. When the thermostat stops working, this can make it seem like the motor or heater itself is not working properly when that is not the case. Rather, you may just need to replace it. This can cause no heat to occur, no fan to run and comfortable problems.

Air Flow Limitations

Another common cause for problems has to do with the amount of air flow coming through the system. Air flow is a necessary element because it helps to keep the system working. If anything is clogging the ductwork, vents, or fan belts, this can stop the entire system. It can also cause overheating in the system. When this occurs, it can damage the motor and other components of the system. Those with limited or no heat often have these problems.

Clogged Filters

One of the causes of air flow problems is actually one of the most common reasons technicians need to come to the home. This has to do with clogged filters. Filters help to prevent dust and debris from entering into the motor and fans area. However, they can become clogged with so much debris that air cannot flow through it. Replacing them every month during peak usage is often necessary. If it has been a long time since the last time you replaced the filters on your system, have a professional do the work for you. This will allow the technician time to inspect the components of the system that could have been affected by it.

Heating repair is not something to put off, either. The longer you are running a system that is not working properly, the more damage is possible in the long-term. In addition, consider using preventative maintenance plans so that a professional can come to your home on a regular basis to ensure your system is working at its best. When it does, it allows the system to last longer while also keeping your energy costs lower.

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  2. Gaston Parizeau says:

    I would definitely second the suggestion to check the air flow of the heating system. Our system seemed to be getting less and less effective earlier this winter, until we decided there was a problem. It turned out to just be a filter that needed to be replaced and then things worked great. We felt silly that it was something so simple and we took so long to do something about it.

    Gaston Parizeau |

  3. Thanks for sharing these home heater problems! The heater in our home stopped working yesterday, and I’d like to at least diagnose the problem before looking for someone to fix it up. I’ll be sure to check the thermostat and air flow; I know that the air filters aren’t the problem. Hopefully this will help me know exactly what the issue is!

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